Art is January's purpose for existence. As soon as she was old enough to hold a crayon, she has been creating something. Growing up on a small, self-sustaining farm in rural Missouri provided many life lessons, but very little in the way of artistic outlets. After graduating from high school, she moved to St. Louis to pursue an education. While in college, January got a job at a large photography studio specializing in child and family portraits. After graduating college with a degree in fine arts, and moving up to a management position at the photography studio, she decided that it was time to strike out on her own. For 10 years January operated a small photography business in St. Louis, shooting weddings, head shots, corporate marketing and family photos. Then her life took an unexpected turn when she met a charming man from Huntersville, North Carolina. Four years after meeting, January and Jacob are married and living in Huntersville with January's son Jerrin, their loyal sidekick Chris and three rescue kitties. Jacob is the how to January's why, and always encourages her to follow her dreams, no matter how crazy they are.
Jacob has a passion for bringing joy to people through his photography. He is very lucky to have wonderful parents who taught him to be kind and work hard. His achievements include, earning the rank of Eagle Scout, founding two clubs in college and being the president of three and graduating from App State with a double major in accounting and computer information systems. While in college, he worked as a freelance photographer for several different publications. After meeting January, and discovering their shared love of photography, they decided to combine their strengths and created Rebel Youth Photography. With his experience in deciphering legal nonsense and reading instruction manuals, he is the balance to January's artistic side. 
Jerrin is an artist in training. Ever since he was very young, it was clear that he would become an artist of some sort. He has dabbled in painting, sculpting, graphic art and photography. He is currently a junior in high school and is focusing on a career in video game development and design. Jerrin is working for Rebel Youth Photography as an intern, getting real life experience in a creative field. 
Christopher Miller is a multi-talented artist with big ideas. He has an entrepreneurial spirit that drives him to be successful at anything he puts his mind to.